About WAPS

WAPS for Consultancy is an Egyptian company established in response to the genuine goal of its founders to give a hand towards the growth of economy in the Arab region. We believe that having a solid business environment is the cornerstone for achieving the prosperity that all of us aspire to.
For decades, WAPS for Consultancy founders have been sharing their professional experience and technical knowledge with a numerous number of Governmental entities, funding agencies, large corporations, small businesses and entrepreneurs, so the decision was made to consolidate this extensive experience through establishing WAPS for Consultancy to be the umbrella under which we can put our expertise at the disposal of the business community in the Middle East.
WAPS for Consultancy has been established with a goal in mind to offer the best consulting service to the different clients. We strive earnestly to provide the practical solutions that really work and guarantee the accomplishment of the goals set by the organization. We believe that the success of our clients is our success, nobody succeeds alone, for this reason, WAPS for Consultancy is keen on establishing successful professional partnerships with reputable firms, professional and development agencies, and top experts and consultants in their fields, to ensure offering high quality service and relevant consultation to our clients.
Moreover, we believe that business has to have a social impact on the whole society, and the economic welfare we aspire to will never be attained except through the concerted actions and joint efforts of all stakeholders involved in the development process. For this reason, we work diligently on establishing professional partnerships with Governmental entities, professional associations, local federations, and international funding agencies to offers solutions that promote sustainability, achieve equality, and contribute to the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


To offer services that brings long-lasting economic prosperity and welfare to the clients and the whole community in the Arab region.


To save the business owners, funding agencies, and governmental entities time and effort by providing one stop shop for all their professional needs.


Offer customized professional services and business solutions to suit the needs of our clients regardless of the size, type, or scope of work.

Acquire and retain most skilled and talented employees and offer them inclusive and harmonious workplace environment.


Integrity: we are ethical, transparent, and honest with our clients.
Accountability: we take the privacy of the information and data of our clients seriously.
Commitment: we are devoted to help our clients reach the top.
Passion: we pursue learning and growth in order to differentiate ourselves.
Respect: we treat our clients and team the way we want to be treated.