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August 18, 2020

Market Research in the social distancing World, is it the right time?

Covid-19 has been reshaping everything around us, businesses are shutting down, economies are shaking, and the whole world is anxious and vigilant. So do we still need market research? Do we still want to hear the voice of our customers? Many consulting companies have postponed their market research activities; a lot of companies are daunted to engage their customers in marketing surveys about their perception of their products, many entrepreneurs put their plans on hold thinking that it may not be the right time to conduct market research or study the consumer behavior.

In fact, we do not agree with this approach, because as mentioned, Covid-19 has dramatically changed everything around us: the way we learn, the methods we use for entertainment, our shopping behaviors, and even social communication with our friends and loved ones. These extraordinary circumstances we all are going through most likely will leave its impact on us even after the pandemic gets over. Then, early responders to the crisis will have the lead, they will be the ones who will shape the market, and determine the role of the business game as a whole. They earlier you understand the customers even during this time of the spread of the pandemic, the faster and more efficient your response will be to any changes that may come out as a result.

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