Our Partners

Digital Marketing Institute (DMI)

The Digital Marketing Institute is the global certification body for Digital Marketing education. Their syllabus defines the framework of knowledge, skill and competency required to meet the current and future demands of the Digital Economy, and their practical, industry-driven qualifications are recognized as the international standard in Digital Marketing certification.
Their Graduates come from over 180 countries and include executives from world-leading brands and government bodies such as Sony, Nestle, BBC, Accenture, Twitter, AIG, Paramount Pictures, British Airways, IBM, Volkswagen, Colgate.
Their Advisory Board includes Google, Facebook, HubSpot, LinkedIn, Twitter, Microsoft, IBM, PayPal, Coca-Cola and many other leading Digital firms.

Talent Management Institute (TMI)

TMI is a world leader in Talent Management credentialing and is widely credited for its contribution in developing Talent Management into a profession of critical significance for global industry and business. TMI certifications for professionals and enterprise talent systems have become industry leading qualifications demonstrating leadership and excellence in the thought and practice of Talent Management. TMI standards, knowledge frameworks, and credentials are regarded today as the most authoritative in Talent Management standards. They also seek to facilitate sustained excellence and the all-around effectiveness of enterprise HR in talent focused organizations.
Across 183 countries, TMP, STMP & GTML credentials in Talent Management have emerged as the world’s foremost international qualifications in cutting edge Talent Management. Their certifications are for HR professionals who want to advance to the next level of performance in the industry.

Entrepreneurship Association – King Saud University

By the end of 1429H (2008), the establishment of the entrepreneurship society was approved by the Royal Decree as a scientific society at King Saud University. The entrepreneurship society is considered the first professional scientific society in the Arab world. The society seeks to enhance the entrepreneurial culture in the society and promote systematic scientific awareness about the importance of entrepreneurship in the progress of advanced societies.
Moreover, the Entrepreneurship Association established and issued the International License for Entrepreneurship (ILFEN) which aims at providing entrepreneurs with the appraisal and qualifying services to enable them to establish their small business projects. This is usually executed through establishing partnerships with other prominent organizations and associations that support youth and entrepreneurial groups.

Egyptian Quality Institute (NQI)

Egyptian National Quality Institute (NQI) is the governmental entity responsible for the deployment and improvement of the quality culture, concepts, and activities in all sectors in the Egyptian Society whether industrial or services in order to comply with international standards and criteria. NQI was established in 2006 and affiliated to the ministry of Industry and Trade. It is the National House of expertise specialized in spreading and improving the culture, concepts and activities of quality in the Egyptian society in all its production, service and commercial sectors in accordance with international regulations and standards. In addition, it provides various services such as training and education, Rehabilitation and consulting, Technical support, National awards for excellence and quality and Membership