WAPS for Consultancy offers array of integrated business services that can be customized to meet the specific needs of each client. We understand that in business, one size never fits all, and each business has its own requirements and requests, that’s why we are confident that our business strategists and professional consultants possess the necessary technical skills and knowledge and will exert their strenuous efforts to meet your business goals.


Moreover, our team assists in enhancing the business performance of the organization through conducting the appropriate SWOT analysis and drawing realistic current and future picture of the company. We then define the strategic goals and develop the business plan required to achieve them. Finally, we monitor the performance and results.


Our services do not only focus on the business performance of the organization, but we also focus on the team who will accelerate this performance and introduce this management change. We build the capacity of the top management that will adopt the change, the leaders who will drive it, and the team members that will make it happen.