Accounting and Financing Services

Financial planning

Financial planning is a significant indicator in determining the future of the company. Without in-depth analysis of the existing financial situation, and a comprehensive projection of the financial position in the future, a company may suffer to achieve the pre-defined business goals. Financial planning is a sound practice that shows the ability of the company to fulfill  various financial obligations and meet its commitments towards investors. For this reason, all companies need to develop a solid financial  plan in which all aspects are being analyzed.
WAPS for Consultancy assists its clients to foresee and prepare for the future through financial planning for all of the company’s activities, including: planning sales, planning profits, planning for capital investments, planning to finance sales for the term, planning to pay obligations on due dates, planning to obtain the necessary funds and the necessary quantities from the appropriate sources and in The right time and this is done through the following steps:
1- Determine the objectives to be achieved. Collecting the necessary data.
2- Setting the estimated budget.
3- Quantifying the goals of the plan in light of the available data and information.
4- Take the decision to implement the plan.
5- Putting the plan into practice. Follow-up.
This is in addition to our preparation of appropriate evidence for each of the previous stages,

Cost Accounting Systems

Costing accounting is one of the main pillars of the success of the company; without a solid costing system, the company can easily fail to achieve the pre-defined business goals, and can be exposed to the huge risk of financial losses. Cost accounting is critical in tracking the different production phases of each product in order to predict an accurate estimation of the number of each produced unit, determine the pricing of each product, as well as forecasting the profit margins.
WAPS for Consultancy offers customized cost accounting services that are designed to meet the specific requirements of each client, in addition to the type and nature of industry in which the company operates. Whether the company manufactures products for direct sale to the end client, or manufactures materials that are used as part of the processing of other goods, WAPS for Consultancy
Establishes the cost account system that enhances controlling the whole manufacturing process management, and ensures delivering highly accurate financial reports to the top management.
We design the blueprint of the cost accounting system that enables the company to efficiently manage the cost associated with the activities of each phase in the production process including but not limited to: raw materials, labor costs, distribution expenses, and any other cost. We build the costing system that guarantees the constant availability of the raw materials in each stage of production, ensures the timely delivery of the products and goods, and eventually controls the operation cost by identifying the relevant items and eliminate the irrelevant ones.

Internal Audit

Internal audit is the radar that detects the present position of the company and the direction it is heading to; this is usually done through monitoring the compliance of the different departments with the financial and organizational policies and procedures set internally by the organization, or externally by the legal or governmental entities. In addition, internal audit improves the efficiency of the operations, it is essential to provide the independent and objective point of view regarding the financial health of the company. It also sets the corrective measures that mitigate risks and avoid fraud. Moreover, internal audit is an indispensible step towards the implementation of sound corporate governance policies and procedures.
WAPS for Consultancy works diligently with organizations of all sizes to establish the internal audit function. We collaborate with all stakeholders in order to understand the existing culture, and define the expectations. We open communication channels, collect feedback, and seek views of all parties involved before the internal audit formation process. Moreover, we help in the recruitment of the internal audit team as well as preparing the necessary internal audit manuals that will govern the internal audit work activities in the organization.
WAPS for Consultancy also offers cost effective internal audit solutions to the organizations that may lack the needed budget for hiring full-time internal auditors, the existing team does not possess the capacity necessary to handle the required tasks, or the organization aims to utilize the expertise of highly experienced and independent consultants, and benefit from the diversified technical experience and the added value that they can bring to the table.
Additionally, WAPS for Consultancy provides clients with an unbiased assessment to the various functions within the organization; our team conducts a comprehensive analysis to the daily operations to ensure the complete adherence of the organization to the different laws and regulations, the identification and mitigation of various financial and operational risks, as well as  the adoption of the best practices related to the industry; something that may not be objectively accomplished through employing internal audit staff who may be influenced by the current circumstances in the organization itself.

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Despite the importance of book keeping and accounting as the catalyst for the current and future growth of the company, some small business owners look at them as inevitable missions but intimidating at the same time; the reason behind this is that they lack the necessary experience, the cost of hiring full-time accounting team could be high,, or they simply do not have enough time to handle the job. For this reason, in all those cases, outsourcing the book keeping and accounting job could be the most practical and cost effective solution.
WAPS for Consultancy offers high quality and cost effective book keeping and accounting services for small and medium enterprises (SME’s). Our team is always ready to take the burden of book keeping and accounting activities off our clients’ shoulders, so that they dedicate their effort and time to what they are good at! Particularly, to focus on the other success components of their business including but not limited to: sales, marketing, human resources, management, and so on.
Our team is meticulous; they pay great attention to details to ensure delivering accurate book keeping data to the clients. They understand that without accurate book keeping and sound accounting, the health of the business cannot be measured, and the right decisions cannot be made at the right time. Our team is also ethical and accountable; they respect the confidentiality of the client, in addition to their keenness on maintaining the security and privacy of the data they handle. In other words, WAPS for Consultancy delivers error free, and secured book keeping and accounting services to the clients.

Taxation Services

Every company operates in a certain country must file taxes, failing to file for taxes on time may result into legal liability and financial penalties against the company. What even makes it more challenging is that tax laws are continuously updated and they differ from country to another. Unfortunately, many businesses get deeply involved in the business activities of the company and leave filing for taxes to the last minute, or they rush to hire unqualified professionals to handle the job, which may harm the company and threatens its continuity in business.
WAPS for Consultancy offers a full range of taxation services for all types and sizes of companies whether they are small businesses or big corporates.  We possess the necessary professional experience and technical knowledge of the various Egyptian tax laws in order to give our clients the sound advice and the valuable tax consultation that adds significant value to their business. We work with our clients on an ongoing basis to identify and maximize tax saving opportunities, while maintaining the complete compliance with the applicable laws and regulations
WAPS for Consultancy is specialized in all tax services imposed by Egyptian government on the businesses and organizations operating in Egypt. Our tax consultants work proactively on one-to-one relation to provide the most efficient taxation solutions for each company. Our services covers all phases of tax filing starting from the company’s tax planning and filing, working with the company in order to come up with the appropriate legal solutions to the different tax issues, as well as studying the tax problems with the Tax Authority in order to reach the best solutions for all disputes including the ones considered by competent jurisdictions.