Management Consulting

Feasibility Studies

WAPS for Consultancy responds to the critical business questions, should you go for that business or not? What are the keys for success of this project? What are the possibilities of failures? What are the needed resources? Our team will determine the factors that will affect the final decisions (financing, human resources, raw materials, market demand, competition), and advises you about any (legal, economic, social, or environmental) constraints you may encounter in the implementation. Moreover, the team identifies any risks associated with moving forward with the project and recommends the necessary procedures to mitigate them.
Our consultants assess the main 5 aspects of project feasibility: technical feasibility, economic feasibility, legal feasibility, operational feasibility, scheduling feasibility.
Among many activities related to the assignment, we will perform cost-benefit analysis to ensure the feasibility of the project before allocating any financial resources. We will check any legal regulations associated with establishing the project. A special focus will be dedicated to the scheduling feasibility because it has to be realistic and based on practical assessment of all project areas to ensure the completion of the project on time.

Market Research

Market research represents the bell of the alarm of any industry; it is the indicator of the performance of any company. Studying the current and future market trends, sizing and analyzing market shares, testing new products and services are integral part of the success of any business.  listening to the voice of the customers, understanding their behavior towards the  products, looking for their loyalty to the brand, have become crucial issues for the sustainability of any company.
WAPS for Consultancy provides first-class market research services across all industries. Unlike many consulting companies in the market, we do not provide off-the-shelf market research templates even if the industry is the same. We thoroughly study the requirements of the client, then, we introduce customized solutions for each project according to the defined objectives.
WAPS for Consultancy embraces systematic approach towards all market research assignments which usually starts with understanding the subject of the research then defining the goals, we assist our clients to come up with smart goals that can be professionally measured and analyzed. After that, we prepare the list of deliverables and identify the target audience that will be the subject of research. In addition, WAPS for Consultancy utilizes all market research methods to ensure optimum performance including:  surveys, focus groups, personal interviews,  field tests, in addition to making best use of the latest technology available in the market in order to present highly professional and cost effective results.
Despite that, the human capital remains the backbone of the market research service, for this reason, WAPS for Consultancy is keen on attracting the most skillful and professional researchers who possess very unique personal and professional qualifications: systematic and friendly, analytical and objective, communicator and not stereotyping, methodological and flexible.

Business Planning

As said, failing to plan is planning to fail, a very crucial concept in business world, which can take the business to the top, or down to the bottom. In other words, business planning is the cornerstone of success, and the indicator of growth and sustainability of any project. There is always a need for business planning no matter in which stage the business is, and without a well-written plan, the likelihood of financial loss is higher, and gaining investment opportunities becomes less possible.
WAPS for Consultancy offers  first-class business planning services, we do not only write words, we enrich the plan with our business insight, we bring the experience of our strategists to the table, we help our clients sharpen their ideas, and convert them to feasible and applicable business. Unlike other consulting firms , we help customers  build the business plan from scratch, , we do not use existing templates or off-the-shelf solutions,  because our experts understand that every company is different, and every business wants to tell unique story.
In addition, our consultants tailor the business plan so it suits to the nature of the target audience that will read it, as well as the business objective that the client wants to achieve behind it: applying for loans, reaching out to angel investors, franchising businesses, looking or business partnerships and so on. We conduct the market research and analysis, help you develop the suitable business model, identify your competitive advantage, create the vision and mission, set smart goals, offer the legal advice, and prepare the financial forecasting.

Strategic Management

All organizations no matter what their size or purpose is, are trying to get foothold in the community they serve, whether they are non-profit, public entities, or private businesses. They establish ambitious goals, allocate necessary resources, and set generous budgets for them. Despite that, many of those organizations do not only fail to realize those promising goals, but they also end up losing their capital as well. The reason behind this is lacking a very important factor of success for any organization, particularly, strategic management.
WAPS for Consultancy connects the dots of strategic management process; we bridge the gap between strategic planning and strategic execution. The purpose is not to create a plan or set strategy, but to understand how to execute it. We do not only help top management set the short and long-term goals or create the management strategy, but we also help them communicate them to all stakeholders involved. Communicating the strategy to the employees and partners will ensure smooth coordination and efficient performance.
Before formulating the strategy, we conduct the necessary analysis to the existing tangible resources: capital, land, equipment, and intangible resources: culture, brand equity, knowledge, patents, copyrights and trademarks, we concentrate on the practices and tools which can be utilized when we formulate the strategy. We assist the top management in addressing common management problems, and we study the internal and external environmental variables that influence the performance of the organization.
After conducting the analysis, we take the necessary steps to formulate the strategy; we define the mission and vision, set the smart goals, and capitalize on the competitive advantage identified through the previous analysis. We involve the strategic management team of the organization in all aspects of formulating the strategy. They now have a large pool of information and data about the organization, and they have become more oriented towards the implementation, in addition to their professional capabilities to communicate it to all other units/departments.
After the formulation stage, our experts set the necessary evaluation tools and measures to ensure the proper implementation of the strategy and the achievement of the desired outcomes. We help management executives review the formulated strategy, and make the necessary adjustments in response to any change in the internal and external factors, or as a result of the execution of the strategy itself on the ground.

Organization Restructuring

Organization restructuring is a multi-stage process that many organizations have to carry out, it becomes inevitable if the organization needs to address certain problems and put the house in order. Organizations may need to implement restructuring for many reasons including but not limited to: business downsizing or expansion, adopting new business model, merging or acquisition of another company, enhancing the productivity of the different units and departments. Accordingly, the procedures and actions vary Based on the nature of the organization (business, governmental, nonprofit), the present position of the organization, as well as the objectives to be accomplished.
Organization restructuring has never been an easy task, and many entities fail to do it right. WAPS for Consultancy offers the proper planning and preparation that can streamline the process and simplify the execution. Our experts usually start with examining the current situation of the organization in order to identify the various strengths and weaknesses. During this step, we try to involve all parties in the process so that we get an accurate image about what works and what does not work by receiving the feedback of all employees in anonymous way.
After that, our experts align the results of the assessment with the objectives that the organization aims to achieve through developing a practical and feasible strategy. We create the plan that addresses the main components of any organizational restructuring including the implementation timeline, the necessary budget, communication plan, performance indicators, and the leaders of the change. So whatever the nature of the restructuring needed and the size of the organization is, WAPS for Consultancy has the expertise necessary to accomplish your task.

Corporate governance

In a progressive and aggressive corporate environment, transparency, accountability, and trust become an urgent need for all stakeholders. Corporate Governance sets the rules and policies that regulate the relation between shareholders, board of directors, senior managers, creditors, employees, clients, and government, which eventually safeguards the rights of each party involved.
On the other hand, Poor governance decisions can have a long-term impact on the company; it can lead to scandals and lawsuits, fraud and financial risks, damage of the company and reputation of the brand.
WAPS for Consultancy guides its partners and clients towards adopting and establishing sound corporate governance that ensures the compliance of your business with the constantly changing legal and environmental regulations. We build the robust system that enables the company achieve its financial goals and mitigate risks by enforcing rigorous internal control. This will lead to making smart business decisions and will facilitate raising capital as both investors and creditors will have the necessary confidence and trust in the company.