Valuation Consulting

WAPS for Consultancy conducts a very comprehensive and detailed study of your assets to determine their fair value. We provide you with a trusted, transparent and independent opinion based on a deep review of the data and extensive knowledge of the market and industry. Our valuation experts have years of experience in the field, they have been working on various aspects of valuation helping both companies and individuals make informed decisions about their assets.
Depending on the nature of the asset, WAPS experts utilizes techniques like book value, asset replacement value, fair value to help individuals and companies reach certain conclusions related to the future.
WAPS experts identify the different tangible and intangible assets in order to determine the correct value of certain assets for the purposes of selling or purchasing.
WAPS team assists business investors and company owners in evaluating the different assets of the firm for strategic merger and acquisition. They take into consideration important factors like Future prospects of the business, the risk associated with the industry, and the value of the capital.
WAPS for Consultancy helps both companies and individuals attain correct information and accurate calculations about their taxes by determining the exact value of assets they own including but not limited to properties, machineries, equipment, furniture, stocks. Moreover, assessing the value of the different assets can facilitate the process of loan application and access to financing.
WAPS services are not limited to evaluating the tangible assets; we are specialized in valuation of Patents, trademarks, customer database and listing, goodwill, brand names, copyrights.