Intellectual Property Services

Intellectual property contributes substantially to the growth and development of the economy, it opens the door for fair competition among companies and organizations, and it guarantees the safe purchase of the products and services by consumers. Despite that many companies and entrepreneurs do not give the protection of their valuable assets the priority needed. By protecting the intellectual property of those intangible assets, the entrepreneur can generate more revenue and avoid financial and non-financial losses.  The companies can offer their customers unique business experience, and protect their brands and business identity and reputation.
Achieving its mission to offer one stop shop for integrated professional services to business owners, WAPS for Consultancy offers various Intellectual property services that can set its customers a part from competitors. Our team plays a major role in safeguarding your investment and shows you how to protect your intangible assets and guides you towards maximizing their benefits to the fullest. We help you register your trade mark to protect your brand from theft and infringement. We also conduct the necessary technical drafting to your patent, In addition to educating the customers about the different copyright procedures.
  • Trademark Filing and Protection
  • Patent Drafting and Filing
  • Industrial Design Rights
  • Plant Variety Protection
  • Authorship in Copyright