WAPS for Consultancy helps the client identify the knowledge gaps that the entity needs to fill and sets the training priorities, in addition to saving time and money by eliminating unnecessary or ‎irrelevant training activities.‎
Our team works with the client to customize the training programs, taking into consideration the ‎objectives of the training, the required scope of the program, the technical knowledge level of the ‎target audience as well as the phase of their professional career. In other words, our programs are ‎flexible enough to meet the technical, professional, and personal needs of all trainees whether they ‎are top level managers, government officials, fresh graduates or students.‎
Moreover, WAPS for Consultancy adopts strict criteria in relation to the selection of the trainers:
    1. Academic and professional experience: evaluating the trainer’s credentials related to the topic being delivered.
    2. Experience: every candidate provides us with references to successful training delivery with other clients to ensure trainer’s competency and efficiency.
    3. Interview and presentation skills assessment: Each candidate must sit for an interview to discuss and assess the teaching methodology and tools the trainer utilizes to conduct the training, How relevant the content and tools to our client objectives, as well as his/her presentation skills.