International License for Entrepreneurship

What is the International Entrepreneurship License?

It is an international license issued by the Entrepreneurship Association at King Saud University,it is granted to any individual who is qualified to establish business projects. it demonstrates the capabilities of the holder of this license to establish an independent entrepreneurial business. The official announcement of the license in its Arabic version was made in 2009.

General features of the license

It is a Professional license tailoredand targeting the Arab world.
It qualifies young people to create businesses and projects.
It promotes the culture of self-employment among young people.

Special Features for Licensees

  • Obtaining an international certificate licensed to conduct business.
  • Understanding and learning the principles of establishing businesses.
  • Developing the managerial and leadership skills of the applicants.
  • Creating a professional business plan.
  • Receiving project management and team work Training.
  • Gettingproficiency in the use of computer programs for designing a business plan.
  • Participating in the Entrepreneurship Association and take advantage of membership benefits.

Who should attend?

  • Talent Management managers.
  • Human resource professionals.
  • Career changers to Human Resources.
  • Talent Management Acquisition specialists
  • Human resource consultants.

International Entrepreneurship License

The first program

Be creative and discover your leadership

Why entrepreneurship?

Discover your leadership

Be creative

Second program

Turn your ideas into projects

The Phases of turning an idea into an opportunity

Conductingmarket analysis

Conducting Initial feasibility study for the project

Funding your project

Third program

The Effective business plan for theentrepreneurial project

Learning about the small business

Understanding the alternative strategies for the entrepreneur

Preparing the business plan

Fourth program

Manage your entrepreneurial business

Build the team

Organize your accounts

Market your project

Begin execution.