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About Talent Management

Talent Management is the backbone of the success and growth of any organization. Investing in acquiring the best talents and retaining them can take your organization to a totally different level.
In the world of modern business, the role of HR departments is focused on acting as a “strategic partner”, and being strategic is not only about effective “planning” but it is more about people and talent utilization. Talent Management is not a separate HR activity, but it adopts employee talents and links them to strategic objectives where employees at all levels become corporate leaders and heroes. In the smart workplace, the role of Talent Management is extended from being strictly the responsibility of the HR department to taking a collaborative approach and working with line-managers and employees.


Talent management is an integral part of all human resources functions and processes, it is the catalyst that fuels performance, enhances productivity, ensures loyalty, and achieves revenue. The purpose of talent management is about creating an environment that respects diversity and inclusion and motivates the workforce who guarantees staying with your company in the long run.

WAPS and TMI Exclusive partnership

In 2016, the Egyptian Government adopted a number of procedures and policies aiming at strengthening growth and achieving sustainable and inclusive economy. This requires efficient utilization of existing human capital and maximizing the investment in exploring, demonstrating, and managing talents. In response to the economic strategy implemented by the Egyptian government towards building the capacity and the restructuring of the public and private entities, and aligning with the training for employment initiatives and programs that focus on promoting and enhancing the skills of the young professionals who will take an active part in leading the organizations they will work for, WAPS for Consultancy is proud to bring the art and science of talent management to the Egyptian market through an exclusive professional partnership with the Talent Management Institute (TMI). TMI is an esteemed and globally renowned institute in Talent Management credentialing and is widely recognized for its impact and contribution in developing and transferring talent management into an extremely significant profession for global industry and business sustainability. TMI standards, knowledge frameworks, and credentials are regarded today as the most authoritative in Talent Management standards across 183 countries worldwide. For more than a decade, TMI credentials have become the benchmark for Talent Management excellence.

TMI Certificates

The TMI certificates equip the HR team with the necessary tools to advance their career and develop an integrated and complete talent management ecosystem to reach the goals of the organization. In a world full of uncertainty and challenges, acquiring the most talented professionals and retaining them has become a must for the growth of any organization. At the same time, obtaining a globally recognized certificate will always give you an edge and sets you apart from other professionals. Whether you are a fresh graduate and just starting in the field, or in a senior position who are facing the challenge of finding, acquiring, managing, and retaining the talented professionals, TMI certificates will sharpen your professional skills, and re-energize your technical knowledge to utilize the available resources to create an integrated and actionable talent management strategy that have a positive impact on all departments of the organization.


In cooperation with TMI, WAPS for Consultancy offers two certificates in the field of talent management: Talent Management Practitioner and Senior Talent Management Practitioner.
The goal of the certificates is to bring new knowledge to the organization and the employees, and arm the team with the needed information to adapt to the latest talent Management tools in order to shift the departments of the organization to be talent management center in a sustainable and effective way. The also tackle issues related to building the capacity of the team and redesigning the workplace to adapt to environment changes by implementing strategies that help identify the gaps, fill them and set up a structure that develops the talent of an individual.

Why you get certified from TMI?

You will get certified in Talent Management Institute – the world’s largest certification and credentialing body for HR, HCM and Talent Management Professionals.
Your talent management credentials will be recognized and validated across 183+ countries, so your professional skills are proven where you go!
You will become among the early birds that will reshape the future of human resources in Egypt and you will be among the distinguished influencers who lay the pillars and standards of talent management in the country.
You will skyrocket your career and secure more stable income by demonstrating your skills and expertise that employers are looking for, in addition to enhancing your productivity and improving your efficiency in performing different daily tasks.
You will acquire the necessary professional skills and technical capabilities to Upgrade the capacity and Boost the performance of the individual and group in the organization to compete effectively in a complex and dynamic environment to achieve sustainable growth.
The TMI credentials are supported by a Digital Badge which adds credibility to your online professional presence. Your credential will get validated and verified instantly by those who have allowed to – prospective employers, recruiters, and colleagues. You can have the flexibility and the power of showcasing your TMI-credential on web pages, social media platforms, and as email signatures.
You will enjoy learning from the comfort of your home with no distraction from your other personal and professional commitments.

Who is this certificate for?

Talent Management Practitioner (TMP)

TMP is your first step to get your foot through the door of human resources and talent management; it is the ideal kick start for young professionals and recent graduates who are passionate about being effective leaders and game changers in their organizations. It is not any longer about human resources; it is about acquiring the talents and aligning the individual aspirations with the business objectives to achieve growth for everybody. TMP certificate is tailored towards assisting individuals graduating with an HR major or similar discipline from premier universities, business schools and HR institutions to understand the modern concepts of HR and the transformation process towards talent management. Blending your academic knowledge in business and HR with the latest talent management trends and standards will give you the competitive advantage you are looking for, and it will demonstrate your competency before the current or future employer.
After completing the exam you get to receive a TMP credential pack. It is a TMP designer box, inside the box is a lapel pin and code of ethics booklet for you only to keep.

Senior Talent Management Practitioner (STMP)

The SMTP certificate is designed to those experienced HR professionals who aspire to deep dive in the world of talent management. It is your professional passport that demonstrates the authenticity of your competence as an HR manager. You will stand out from the crowd by showing more credibility about your qualifications and skills to employers. The SMTP certificate focuses on critical and dynamic topics that talent managers are exposed to on daily basis. The challenges encountered by HR managers in rapidly changing business environment makes developing leadership and linking talent with the financial goals of the organization a must. Nowadays there is a huge shift from the general concepts of HR management to talent-centered management. HR professionals and leaders are now searching for new tools, certification and knowledge to help their organization succeed, and secure stable financial and professional growth for themselves. Automation and outsourcing of professional jobs will urge the human capital to invest in their talent and give more focus and priority to professional specialization. For this reason, The STMP equips you with the necessary tools and skills to assume predominant role in the organization; it prepares you to excel into this arena by establishing yourself as a leader in Talent Management.
Moreover, earning your STMP certification directly pre-qualifies you for the TMI-Wharton Associate Fellow Program in Talent Management!
The Associate Fellow Program in Talent Management is the first opportunity of its kind to learn the state-of-the-art Talent Management thoughts and practices from two global education powerhouses. With content from TMI as well as the prestigious Wharton School, these programs offer unique insight and direct tutelage from the globally renowned faculty live on campus at the Wharton School in Philadelphia. The program is designed to transform participants into impactful leaders of the highest order.
After completing the exam you get to receive a classy STMP credential pack. It is a STMP designer folder-box. In addition to a STMP credential-certificated accompanied by a smart STMP designation pin which is a metal badge to be worn on shirt/ coat pockets and a copy of the TMI code of ethics booklet for you only to keep.