Professional Training

WAPS for Consultancy offers various programs and courses designed and customized for all types and sizes of businesses. Our programs and courses tackle the essential and advanced technical and professional skills necessary for your business to grow.



We design and deliver programs tailored towards the specific needs and requirements of our clients through contracting. You can accelerate your work and enhance the qualifications and performance of your team when you know exactly what they need to be trained about. Our team understands that training objectives may vary from an organization to another (increasing Efficiency in processes, stimulating motivation and engagement, meeting promotion requirements). The nature of the organization (governmental entity, funding agency, private business, large corporate) is a key driver towards contracting. In addition, we take into consideration the target audience of the training (Government officials, entry and fresh employees, intermediate level or senior level managers). We also utilize your budget efficiently to ensure that your team got the maximum benefit from the training.

Training Categories