Entrepreneurship & SMEs

WAPS for Consultancy takes the pride to offer its esteemed clients various training services tailored and customized to meet the different needs of both entrepreneurs and the owners of SMEs. We put the young entrepreneurs on the right track and we equip them with the necessary business tools and professional experience to grow.
They learn from the experience, knowledge and wisdom of successful entrepreneurs and trainers of entrepreneurship.  Our training services address various topics that any entrepreneur needs to turn any innovative idea to a real business:
  • Entrepreneurs learn how to have access to finance for their projects and be familiar with different financing resources and options in their country.
  • They will acquire the knowledge necessary for writing the business plan that wins the investors’ interest and will turn their ideas into a tangible project.
  • They will gain the required knowledge to study the market, know their target audience, execute the marketing plan, and know the marketing mix.
  • If the entrepreneur has an innovative idea, or novel patent, we will teach him/her how to protect it and turn it into business. In addition, we will show the importance of trademark registration and protection against any infringement.
  • Entrepreneurs will understand the legal regulations and corporate laws for establishing their new company, and will differentiate between legal forms of business ownership: Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships. LTD, LLC, and so on.
  • They will be acquainted with accounting tools and financial terminology necessary for launching and managing your business including: bookkeeping, understanding financial statements, preparing cash flow, and abiding by different commercial taxes in your country.
  • They will develop, as an entrepreneur, personal skills in leadership, communication, decision-making, negotiation, growth mindset.
WAPS is proud to introduce the international license for entrepreneurship to the Egyptian market, it is the first one of its kind to be offered in the Arabic language in partnership with the entrepreneurship association – King Saud University.
To learn more about obtaining the license, check the international license for entrepreneurship page.