Professional Programs

Accounting & Finance
Accounting data and financial information has a critical impact on the decision making at your company … WAPS Consulting introduces to its clients a series of basic and advanced accounting and finance courses.
Learn about the essential numerical skills required for accounting and bookkeeping.
Understand the main elements of financial accounting information – assets, liabilities, revenue and expenses. In addition to this, WAPS offers courses in external and internal financial audit.
You learn the main concepts of internal audit and corporate governance, risk management, reading financial statements as an independent auditor, get the updates regarding International Financial Reporting Standards.
Marketing & Sales
In a competitive world like the one we live at nowadays, it has become very essential but complicated at the same time to acquire and retain the customer.
You will find yourself in an urgent need to be familiar with the necessary strategies for influencing customer behavior throughout the customer lifecycle. our Sales and Marketing courses incorporate proven best practices and hands-on experience to help you, your team and your organization stand out in today’s challenging business environment. Through WAPS Consulting marketing and sales training, you learn the concepts and strategies today, and apply them tomorrow at work.
Our training courses are customizable, flexible, practical, interactive, engaging! If you are an entrepreneur or you own a small business, we will walk you through building your marketing campaign, know your audience, and understand the marketing mix. If you are a CMO in a big corporation and need to learn more about evolving technology or be acquainted with modern marketing methodologies, we have you covered.
Human Resources
Human resources is not any longer about hire and fire, whether it is a small business or a big company. This department actually plays a very critical role in the growth of your business, it is the backbone that connects the employees with the management and sets the internal strategies, policies and procedures.
HR team is responsible for manpower planning, recruitment and laying off, training and development, Promotion and incentives, health and medical assistance, conflict resolution.
With WAPS Consulting, Perform better more than ever! Learn more about all tips and tricks associated with human resource management, our training is always customizable, interactive, flexible, engaging, and practical.
Our HR trainers have an extensive experience in human resource management, You will Learn how to utilize the most efficient modern recruitment tools to recruit the right person in the right position. You will have the competency to write recruitment criteria, screen the candidates objectively, and select precise interview questions
Learn how to develop a coherent internal training plan for your staff, starting with conducting training needs analysis, linking your findings with the direct objectives of the organization, and finally through evaluating the performance of the employee after taking the training.
Possess the necessary knowledge to abide by labor laws and avoid legal lawsuits, understand working hours and leaves, compensation rules, workers safety and health care, Mandatory vs. Voluntary Benefits
Understand and apply best leadership practices from the most knowledgeable and experienced human resource trainers, and Engage and empower employees to go beyond their perceived abilities.
Personal development skills: stress management, emotional intelligence, personal branding, effective communication, motivation, Creativity & Innovation, leadership, self-confidence, public speaking and presentation skills.
Professional skills: Building resumes and cover letters, personal branding, job search and interview skills, negotiation and persuasion, time management, team building, conflict resolution and problem solving, business writing and email etiquette.