WAPS and DMI Sign a Professional Partnership Agreement
August 18, 2020

WAPS Joins Forces with the World Leader in Talent Management

International Talent Management Certificate

WAPS for Consultancy signed an exclusive professional partnership agreement with the Talent Management Institute (TMI) – the world’s largest certification and credentialing body for HR, HCM and Talent Management Professionals across 183+ countries. The exclusive partnership aims at introducing TMI international talent management certificates to the Egyptian market in order to drive business through cutting–edge Talent Management practices and add more global Credentials for Egyptian professionals. This fruitful cooperation promises to offer TMI international talent management certificates that will sharpen the professional skills, and re-energize technical knowledge of Egyptian professionals to utilize the available resources in order to create an integrated and actionable talent management strategy that has a positive impact on all departments of an organization. For more than a decade, TMI has been reshaping many of the HR concepts and practices in order to establish Talent Management as a very critical function in the organization. TMI standards, knowledge frameworks, and credentials are regarded today as the most authoritative in Talent Management standards.
through this exclusive partnership with the Global Talent Management Institute in the US, WAPS offers 2 of the highly distinguished global certificates in talent management: Talent Management Practitioner (TMP) – the ideal certificate for young professionals who are taking their first steps in HR or those who aspire to shift their career, and the Senior Talent Management Practitioner (STMP) – most suitable for the HR managers who want to master talent management, excel in their HR management daily activities, as well as demonstrating their professional strength in the market.
Moreover, WAPS also offers comprehensive training in talent management that puts the participants on the right track in talent management, enhances the skills of young professionals and enables them to take an active part in leading the organizations they work for.
For more information, visit the talent management certificates page

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